Wedding Specials at Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE

With the Holidays coming to a close and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we know that engagement season is coming to an end! As you start planning your dream wedding, don’t miss out on great Wedding specials offered by Elle Hutchinson at Hotel Sorella. Our gorgeous La Scala Ballroom will couple perfectly with any style! Contact Ms. Elle today by e-mail, or by phone at 713.827.3508, to find out about Special Offers and to reserve the La Scala Ballroom!

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Wedding Color of the Year 2015: Marvelous Marsala

Each year Pantone introduces a new Color of the Year in January. Marsala is the token tone for 2015! We love the way Marsala is being used to compliment neutral Weddings with a deep and sultry pop. We know that this dramatic color will look just wonderful with our gorgeous black chandeliers!

Dream weddings happen at Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE. Contact Ms. Elle today start planning yours!

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Engagement Season is here!

Happy New Year from the Wedding team at Hotel Sorella!  To celebrate the New Year and engagement season, happy couples can enjoy great offers and limited time specials! Contact Ms. Elle today for details and to start planning your dream wedding at our boutique hotel in Houston!

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Winter Wonderland Weddings

Neutral color schemes with glitter; glam sparkles and lights look gorgeous in our La Scala Ballroom. See the below photos of Sorella Weddings bringing festive Holiday cheer to their special day!  Dream weddings happen at Hotel Sorella!

Contact Ms. Elle today for rates and availability and for limited time Holiday specials. 

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Fall Wedding favor trends

The seasons are changing and edible guest favors are a wonderful and cozy touch to add to any Fall Wedding. We just love the autumn inspired Wedding favors here! Fall in Love with the festive favors below.

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Fall Wedding Trends

Happy Fall Everyone!

October is known to be one of the most popular months for Weddings, especially in Houston. While we’re gearing up for Halloween and the Holiday season, we also get to see beautiful Fall details incorporated into the Weddings shown below. To find out more about fall wedding trends at our boutique hotel in Houston, contact Ms. Elle today for rates and availability. 

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Is your inner feminist offended or intrigued?

This is an article written by Billie Cohen of Conde Nast Traveler and was printed on December 12, 2013. Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE is a member of the Conde Nast family of “Best in the World Hotels” and “Readers Choice Awards” and the Valencia Group hotels host many women travelers at our boutique hotels and we are curious to know your point of view; offended or intrigue?

“We’ve been hearing a lot lately about hotels that are offering women-only floors—and before I go any further, let me be clear: This is not a trend borne out of cultural sensitivity or safety concerns in destinations where those things might be an issue. No, this is a marketing gimmick at upscale hotels in popular cities like Washington, D.C., Singapore, and London to appeal to female business travelers.

What does a women-only floor look like? Well, apart from the obvious, it is tricked out with special “feminine” amenities and decor. USA Today recently reported that at the Georgian Court Hotel in Vancouver, rooms on women-only floors are equipped with curling irons, yoga mats, and satin-padded hangers; at the Dukes Hotel London (a Condé Nast Traveler reader favorite), ladies who book a Duchess Room get glossy mags, fresh flowers, a “quiet corner table in each room for those women who’d rather dine-in than go out alone,” and a female housekeeper (as if that’s a rarity).

So ladies…are we offended by this? Should we be?

I am, but not because this is some strike against feminism. It’s not so insulting that hotels have finally noticed that women have their own trips to plan and their own money to spend and that they are traveling on their own without—amazement of all amazements—husbands. It’s more insulting that these are the amenities they think will make us choose their women-only floors: chick clubs with curling irons and yoga mats.

Safety issues aside (because in some cities, I agree, that might be a comfort to certain travelers), I find it hard to believe that what businesswomen and female travelers really want is specialized hair products and magazines rather than, say, free Wi-Fi, loaner iPads, or personal business concierges to help arrange any meetings they might have.

Not everyone agrees with me, though. Beth Whitman, founder of, says, “I think having the women-only hotel floors is a brilliant idea. It provides a safe environment for those who are traveling solo, whether for business or pleasure.”

Marybeth Bond, founder of, says she “appreciate[s] female-focused amenities—make-up mirror, shower cap, finger nail file—as well as good service at any hotel,” but adds that other offerings, like yoga mats and upscale body products, seem like they’d be useful to both sexes.
 “I don’t believe female-only hotel floors are necessary,” she concludes. “Does the hotel management feel that women need ‘extra protection’ and that their property is not safe for their guests?”

In the end, as with any marketing ploy, the real test of this one will be whether it makes the hotels any money. And so far, this idea doesn’t seem to be a complete fail. The Dukes London and the Georgian both tell USA Today that they’re having success with their women-only offerings.

What do you think female explorers of the world? Is your inner feminist offended or intrigued?




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Doyle Graham named Hotelier of the Year!

Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE is pleased to announce that the Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Association (BLLA), the hospitality industry’s top boutique, lifestyle and luxury brand executives and independent property owners, has named Doyle Graham Jr., Founder, President & CEO of Valencia Group hotels, as the BLLA Hotelier of the Year! 

Find out more about this prestigious honor.


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Dramatic and Sophisticated Wedding Dresses

While the bride’s dress will be worn for only a single day, the impression it can make will last much longer. Hosting your Wedding at a gorgeous venue, with unlimited photographic potential proves to be priceless for a bride (and her dresses) below.

Check out how Hotel Sorella brides have been giving their dresses the spotlight they deserve.


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More 2014 Wedding Trends by Ms. Elle

Chandeliers are everything” – Lauren Conrad

With chandeliers being one of the most popular trends of this year, I love the way our La Scala Ballroom offers beautiful and relevant décor as an added bonus!

Please see how this Hotel Sorella Wedding opted to use simple and low floral arrangements with black and white accents to create a gorgeous reception under our chandeliers.  Dream weddings happen at Hotel Sorella!

Contact Ms. Elle today for rates and availability. 

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