Wedding Cake Trends for the Spring & Summer 2017

It’s all about the cake! There are too many wedding cake styles to count but anything can inspire you. The traditional three-tier cake will never be out of style, but in 2017 brides are looking for something special and at Hotel Sorella, we are seeing a few trends that stand out!  Consider these ideas and wedding cake trends to help you choose your perfect wedding cake:

Metallic wedding cakes:  Shiny and metallic additions make for the most luxurious cakes.

.wedding cake trends

Watercolor wedding cakes: A splash of color will add a stunning look to your traditional cake.

wedding cake trends 207

Ruffled wedding cakes:  Can a ruffled cake get any more feminine? This is an option that will stand out.

wedding cake trend of 2017

Hanging wedding cakes: A unique and one-of-a-kind hanging cake will definitely “Wow” your guests!

unique and one of a kind wedding cake

Start planning your dream wedding now. Find out more about weddings at Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE today.


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